安海斯-布希 Celebrates Early Achievement of 2025 Renewable 电ity Sustainability Goal –Domestic Portfolio Now Brewed with 100% Renewable 电ity* from 太阳能 and Wind Power

Country’s leading brewer partners with 绿色饭店协会 to pay it forward and promote sustainability in the industry

2021年6月1日 安海斯-布希 announced today that its entire portfolio of domestic beer and seltzer brands – including 百威淡啤, 啤酒商超, Busch and its Brewers Collective family of craft partners – is now brewed with 100% renewable electricity* from solar and wind power.

安海斯-布希太阳能农场,啤酒厂的 德克萨斯州222MWac太阳能项目, 本月正式上线, marking the early achievement of 安海斯-布希’s Sustainability Goal to source 100% of its purchased electricity from renewables by 2025.

“在安海斯-布希,我们做任何事都有远大的梦想, 包括我们为合作伙伴创造一个更可持续的未来的承诺, 我们的消费者, 和我们的社区.” 安海斯-布希公司首席执行官米歇尔·杜克里斯说. “Achieving this ambitious sustainability goal four years early means that each time someone reaches for an 安海斯-布希 product, 他们选择了一个有助于更可持续发展的未来.”

“I applaud 安海斯-布希 on shifting production to brew beer with 100 percent renewable electricity – marking an impressive milestone years ahead of schedule,” 说你.S. 新罕布什尔州参议员珍妮·沙欣. “企业在美国, 大的和小的, 在对抗气候变化的生存威胁方面发挥重要作用. I look forward to seeing more companies in the private sector follow 安海斯-布希’s example to shrink their carbon footprint and ensure a greener, 为我们的星球创造更健康的未来.”

“Private industry must be a major ally in the fight to address the climate crisis if we are going to make meaningful progress as a nation,” 说你.S. 加州国会议员约翰·加拉曼迪. “我很高兴安海斯-布希, 谁的费尔菲尔德啤酒厂是我们最大的雇主之一, 投资可再生能源酿造啤酒的技术吗. Their commitment to brewing in a sustainable way is incredibly laudable and is the kind of thinking and innovation we need to address the challenges that climate change creates.”

安海斯-布希太阳能发电厂, 位于佩科斯县, 德州, 是与再生能源合作开发的, 加拿大太阳能公司的全资子公司.它是美国饮料业最大的太阳能项目. Construction took nearly two years and created approximately 500 full-time jobs during the peak of construction. 啤酒商的势力范围和资源, 并承诺对地球产生积极影响, led to its decision to bring new renewable electricity capacity to the grid through this project.

“The growth of solar is now driven by the sheer competitive pricing compared to other generation sources. 看到像我们的重要客户这样的公司是令人兴奋的, 安海斯-布希, 采购低成本, 用清洁的太阳能来支持他们的国家水平,100%的可再生电力,” 365bet体育在线手机比分总裁兼总经理迈克尔·阿恩特说. “We are so pleased to help 安海斯-布希 meet their sustainability goals well ahead of their targeted timeline by developing and constructing the 222 MWac 安海斯-布希 太阳能 Farm in West 德州.”

庆祝提前四年实现这一里程碑,并庆祝世界环境日, 这家公司捐赠了100美元,000年 绿色饭店协会 to pay it forward and support their vital work of creating environmental sustainability in the restaurant industry, 通过认证和教育资源, 在重建和恢复的关键时期.

作为安海斯-布希"我们去喝杯啤酒吧” initiative aimed at playing an active role in the country’s recovery and making the moments that we come together over a beer even better, 安海斯-布希’s donation will go directly towards educational resources to help the industry implement sustainable business practices, 例如可再生电力, 能源效率提高, 和产品冷却.

“自1990年以来, we’ve helped thousands of restaurants implement tens of thousands of environmental steps while improving their bottom line. 我们赞赏安海斯-布希公司在太阳能方面取得的令人印象深刻的成就,比计划提前完成。” 绿色餐厅协会首席执行官兼创始人迈克尔·奥什曼说. “Not only are they supporting our mission to create a more environmentally sustainable restaurant industry, but they are also leading by example working with us on the 绿色饭店协会 certification of their St. 路易Biergarten. 我们希望今天的公告能激励其他公司采取类似的行动.”

今天的声明是基于安海斯-布希公司正在进行的可再生电力投资, which includes the 安海斯-布希 太阳能 Farm and the 152MW Budweiser Wind Farm at Thunder Ranch in Oklahoma with Enel Green Power. Through the two projects and more than 10 additional renewable electricity installations at its flagship breweries, 全国各地的经销商和酿酒厂的工艺合作伙伴, 安海斯-布希公司已经向电网增加了近400兆瓦的可再生电力容量, 相当于更多美国人的用电量.比圣路易斯市的家庭还要多. 路易斯,莫. 在总, 这些项目还抵消了950多笔资金,每年产生000公吨的二氧化碳, 相当于取200,每年有1万辆乘用车从道路上消失.

“祝贺安海斯-布希公司在全美实现了100%的可再生电力, 并推动电网上可再生电力容量的切实增加. This a great achievement and a significant step towards becoming 100% renewable across its global business,”  Sam Kimmins,气候组织RE100负责人. “安海斯-布希 is demonstrating that renewable electricity makes good business sense as well as environmental sense and we encourage other businesses to step up and follow their lead.”

百威啤酒和 啤酒商超 Pure Gold 此前曾宣布,这些品牌均采用100%可再生能源酿造*. 这个月,安海斯-布希太阳能发电厂即将上线, 尽早实现这一可再生电力目标,确保消费者享受 任何 安海斯-布希 domestic beer or seltzer brand moving forward will know their choice of brew was brewed with sustainability in mind.

电是我们用来酿酒的一种能量. 访问 http://www.Anheuser-Busch.com/community/home.html 有关详细信息,.


超过160年了, 安海斯-布希秉承了酿酒的优良品质, 让几代人都满意的高品质啤酒. 今天, 我们拥有并经营着120多家工厂, 包括啤酒厂, 批发商配送中心, 农业设施和包装工厂, 超过19个,美国各地的000名同事. 我们有几个美国最知名的啤酒品牌, 包括百威啤酒, 百威淡啤, 啤酒商超和Stella Artois, as well as a number of regional brands that provide beer drinkers with a choice of the best tasting craft beers in the industry. From responsible drinking programs and emergency drinking water donations to industry-leading sustainability efforts, 我们坚定不移地支持我们称之为家园的社区. 欲了解更多信息,请访问www.安海斯-布希.或者在LinkedIn、推特、Facebook和Instagram上关注安海斯-布希.


再生能源是领先的公用事业规模的太阳能和存储项目开发商, 提供有竞争力的, 向大型能源买家提供365bet体育在线手机比分. 总部设在美国.S.加拿大365bet体育在线手机比分是加拿大太阳能公司的全资子公司. (纳斯达克代码:CSIQ),并作为加拿大太阳能公司的美国.S. 项目开发部门. 在美国,再生能源大约有5千兆瓦的太阳能和存储项目正在开发中.S. 更多详细信息请访问www.www.caribama.net.  


The 绿色饭店协会 is a national non-profit organization that provides the only official Certified Green Restaurants® mark in the country. 自1990年以来, the GRA has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement and has been the leading voice within the industry encouraging restaurants to listen to consumer demand to green their operations using transparent, 以科学为基础的认证标准. 与他们的交钥匙认证系统, the GRA has made it easy for thousands of restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable in a profitable manner. CNN对GRA进行了专题报道, NBC晚间新闻, 美国国家公共电台, 以及《365bet体育在线手机比分》. 欲知详情,请浏览 www.dinegreen.com.


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